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For some, Less is more is a saying. For YUN, it is a philosophy. With a revolutionary system built in their DNA, YUN can make a brand new pair of glasses in just 20 minutes! This unique, state-of-the-art production process was captured in the form of an event that we designed and developed for the opening of their flagship store in Berlin.

To demonstrate the speed at which YUN produces high-quality lenses, we created an event in which the mood and the theme of the room recreated and redesigned itself every twenty minutes. 

The mood and the theme of the room

This seamless transformation of moods also highlights the fact that every pair of glasses is unique to its customer, and therefore deserves a change of environment every time a new one is produced.

A DJ set by Eva Be and a live performance by Ben Ivory added to the this wonderful mashup of music, colour, light and innovation.